Oceanic Series Pre-Launch Event!

Are you ready to explore the world of Half-Ocean? 

We're proud to announce our newest collection Half-Ocean! This adorable set features a saw shark, mola-mola, sea turtle, humpback whale, sperm whale and a great white shark.  They are equipped with the newest paper diorama similar to our Savanna Series.

The toys will be available for purchase on December 12, 2019. Customers who have purchased over $100 or own both Savanna and Dino Series will receive early access on December 12, 2019 via email. The email will be sent out on December 10th. A total of 300 units will be sold. Details are included below.

Early Access: 6 pm EST 

Launch Time: 9 pm EST 

The link to early access will be sent out tomorrow 12/10/19 by 9 pm EST. If you do not receive an early access pass by 6 pm and have purchased the entire series, just let us know at hello@learnplay.com with the proof of your purchase titled "First Oceanic Access!". Once it's approved we will send the link. 

You have until the December 11 2019 at 9pm EST to claim your early access pass.

It's first come first serve. Once the products are sold out, they will be available for pre-order. The next shipment will arrive late January to early February. 

Toys ordered during the event will be shipped December 18, 2019.  

Happy holidays and thank you for your continuous support!


LearnPlay Family ❤

Oceanic Series will not be eligible for holiday promotions.


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