How HalfToys Are Made

Great ideas are inspired by real life, and at LearnPlay we love that Yantai Halftoys’ dino series show how nature inspires creativity and curiosity. Ever since we launched our Kickstarter, people have asked us to share how Yantai Halftoys makes their products. And in celebration of more creatures added to the Halftoys world, we wanted to share a little more about how Yantai Halftoys products are made, from initial sketch to a physical model.

As animal lovers, Yantai Halftoys are inspired by all kinds of critters. When you interact with a Halftoy, you’ll find that magnets hold the model’s two halves together. When you open the two halves, they reveal a simple skeleton where interlocking bone pieces are easily disassembled.

Minimal Design For Maximum Fun

When Yantai Halftoys decide on an animal they would like to turn into a toy, they aim to keep the overall model simple enough for people of all ages to enjoy. They first sketch out the model, simplifying the shape of the animal from its outward shell to its bone structure.and reducing the animal to its most basic silhouette. While the model is minimal, Yantai Halftoys ensures that the design keeps all recognizable features (head, body, legs, tails, wings, claws) and expresses the personality of the animal.

Testing It Out

After they’re satisfied with the sketch, Yantai Halftoys create mockups and prototypes of the models. They do their homework to ensure that users enjoy Halftoys for fun, safe, and easy play. They check that the structure of the model can intuitively be disassembled and reassembled with a small amount of force. Things that Yantai Halftoys consider are pressure applied while assembling the bone puzzle pieces, friction between interlocking pieces, animal color, and material durability. If a prototype doesn’t meet quality standards for fun, safe, and easy play, they go back to the drawing board and adjust.

Making The Halftoy World

No one likes a half-rate product, which is why Yantai Halftoys takes special care with the production process. They partner with manufacturers that keep the design of prototypes and help us provide quality models with reasonable prices.

Here at LearnPlay, we’re proud to work with a company like Yantai Halftoys that puts in so much effort into creating an engaging universe that fosters scientific curiosity and fun. From making new product sketches to manufacturing various types of animals, we also love that Yentai Halftoys’ chief concerns are the people purchase a Halftoy. Whether you’re considering which Halftoy to buy, keeping a Halftoy as a desk ornament, or playing with the kid in your life, Yantai Halftoys aims to provide users with a fun experience.

If you want to dive more into the Halftoys world, see all the animal series here.

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