Pre-Order Announcement: More Halftoys Coming To LearnPlay!

When we first launched a Kickstarter campaign for LearnPlay in 2017, we wanted to provide opportunities for adults and kids to engage in fun, interactive play. We’re proud to start out by carrying Yantai Halftoys, which encourage kids to be curious and develop problem-solving skills— all with the help of quirky, adorable dinosaurs that are full of personality.

After nearly two years, not only has LearnPlay reached thousands of people thanks to our amazing Kickstarter backers, but we will soon roll out new additions from Yantai Halftoys featuring animals from the African Savanna. Adventure calls this later this spring, and the explorer in your life will soon be able to choose from a Lion, Crocodile, Gnu, Elephant, Hippo, and Impala.
The toys will be released  June 15, 2019. 




Can't wait? Pre-order here:


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