• Features a simple, adorable design inspired by a real Stegosaurus

  • Size makes it the perfect fit for small hands

  • Pieces can be easily taken apart, while embedded magnets snap the exterior back in place and ensure proper alignment

  • Skeleton inspired by real dinosaur fossils and can be detached in several places to introduce your little one to the different parts of a dinosaur

  • Learn problem-solving and logic skills when piecing the dinosaur skeleton back together

  • Stego is 1 of 6 models in the Dino Series - encourage your child’s passion and excitement for learning more about these prehistoric creatures, explore the rest of the collection!

Discover A New Dinosaur Friend!

Whether your child is a dino-enthusiast or has yet to discover these cool creatures, Stego will be a great playtime companion.  

Inspire Imagination

Not only can your child play with their dino in the build-your-own habitat provided, but they can also have it interact with other toys and objects in their environment. Whether the neighborhood park or their own backyard, Halftoys can be played with anytime and anywhere.

Pull-Apart and Put-Together Play

Improve hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness by piecing together all the parts of this simple and straightforward puzzle. Before you know it, your child will be putting together dinosaurs and at the same time, learning about the different structures that make up its basic anatomy.

High-Quality Materials for Safe Play

These toys conform to or exceed ASTM F963 toy standards and are PVC-free, BPA-free, and Phthalate-free. 

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